Enginnering Consulting


In today’s competitive market, engineering solutions and innovations are crucial for a sustainable business. TEC has provided the best reliable engineering solutions to give its customers the effective edge.


Overhaul, Rehabilitation and Renovation


Renovation of a broken, damaged or outdated plant and Overhaul of ageing and used power plant units allows them to once again to increase their contribution to the generation of power.


Refurbishment Activities


With state-of-the-art testing and analysis technology and an experienced engineering team, TEC can reduce cost and save time for its customers by providing complete, one-stop engineering support and services for refurbishment.

Project Lists



TEC has an extensive experience to purchase various equipment and spare parts for Energy & Power industries. Using excellent relationship with world class manufacturers and our vast experience in such projects, TEC is able to deliver the requested items with great quality in a timely manner and with the lowest prices.


Project Management


Power Generation, Transmission and related industries are wide scale projects by nature which need the best utilization of resources and staff. No matter what your project needs, we offer the expertise and time-tested solutions to keep your project moving forward successfully.


Training and Human Resources Development


Here at TEC we believe that the transfer of required knowledge as well as providing technology is an integral part of our mission. Therefore, we have offered many of our customers the chance of on job training at various facilities to prepare them for the future operation and maintenance of their respective industries. TEC is also prepared to offer training courses within the facilities of the world’s most renowned manufacturers regarding the maintenance and operation of the equipment which have been purchased. Additionally, TEC offers theoretical courses on various technical subjects to further improve the capabilities and knowledge of the customer's staff.